repairing and occupying

Well I pulled my back and now its healing. Not doing much exercise, but I AM doing some great video stuff! I posted my first eProduct today of the Fraser’s Christmas card! AND did my first Google hangout with the Ladies Only group. Long day but a big advancement toward the goal. Changed my FB, posted 3-4 galleries of images, found a great new image to retouch and do headswaps with (JK). Im so blessed and thankful. Also fb’d Paul and got a book on pricing digital fine art. It makes me want to create. And Write. I just feel creative. And so I’m rambling. But it s 1 am and its time for bed. 2 out of 3 and tomorrow I will be healed… and help the Leaches move. No wonder I’m tired. I’ts been a good day, and tomorrow will be too.




Ok, I knew I should exercise early but sweet Jozee died today and this morning was a mess. Shot a portrait session, drank some wine and deep dish pizza and wow, crashed in bed at 8pm. That’s ridiculously early. But I saved the day! I woke up at 10pm- pretty perky- and exercised 10:30-11:30 and now back in bed at 12:30. I’m glad to have accomplished all three today! I shot video, and edited Fraser clips and downloaded the WordPress app to my phone so I can blog and here I am. Being true to your word breeds self-confidence… And it feels good too. ☺


Well, I went to church, helped decorate for Christmas, ate chili at the cook-off, and edited pictures. The triumph was that I finished my first DM blog midday and we finally conquered the audio problem. That is huge for the video scene. And Im blogging! I didn’t formally exercise, although I got a lot of activity decorating. Yes, I know that doesn’t qualify.  And It is 12:01– technically tomorrow.

Hmm. A double triumph but not a triple. Better tomorrow.It seems like any day I don’t exercise first, it gets missed.,,, *clue**

Monday is my day for Zumba at 7:30pm,  but we photograph the Olivers on Ice at 2:30. I know that may turn into a fun evening. And  It’s not a good idea to wait till evening. It is ALWAYS better to exercise first thing and get it out of the way. Perhaps I will do that in the morning. Go to Step or yoga…..yeah.



Well, I started this blog almost a week ago with the idea of tackling and completing  three things each day: Exercise one hour, blog and create videos. Well, I did really good on Exercising every day except today. And I did OK on the videos, because I managed to edit a bit and even record a video today. Blogging– not so much.  But like all things, (especially all things that are Important but not urgent) (quandrant II), its tough to make time for them when everything else is barking and we just run out of steam. However, this is just one day. And I did two of my three things. Each day I succeed in completing my three things, I will get better at them and good habits will be formed. That’s encouraging. So I think this blog will be a daily exercise for me to hold me accountable and develop some habits I want to do on a daily basis. I want to be fit, creative and blog daily, but it takes a serious effort to carve out the time. But Hey, I m doing it. So that’s a small triumph for me today! YAY!


Today’s Triumph– a place to record my daily goal to accomplish three things: Exercise for one hour, create videos and blog. Three simple goals, and 24 hours to complete. Over and over every day. I can do this.

(actually started on nov 17, 2012… Not sure where the sept date came from!)